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Do you need a complete remanufactured compressor or compressor package?

We are ready to fill your requirements for a replacement compressor or a
complete package, block-mounted or skid-mounted.


Do you need to have an existing compressor upgraded or revamped?

We can do the engineering, and supply remanufactured parts to fit your

We determine the best size for the application and customer preference, find the cylinders that will do the job and submit a proposal for the compressor. The compressor will be completely remanufactured and will receive a warranty comparable to new compressors. We will supply the motor driver whether new or remanufactured, instrumentation and control panels, heat exchangers, separators and any other auxiliary equipment. The price and delivery will be significantly less than a new compressor. Delivery is typically ½ of the time required for new.

Remanufactured Compressor

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